Daniel Lee White

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Out of the Black

August 2000
De Laurentiis Productions – Pittsburgh, PA

A feature film shot in and around Pittsburgh, PA.  I began as a production assistant and was promoted to Extras Casting and lead PA. As a production assistant, I was able to drive the above Police car across the county to the set. One of the coolest things I ever got to do!

Eventually, the film fell behind budget and they needed to release crew. One night I was assigned to take care of Sally Kirkland, a lead actress. She was very nice and we had a great conversation about how she got Sandra Bullock started. However, when she arrived back at the hotel, she got very upset because she could not find her dog and woke everyone up screaming. The next morning, the blame fell on me and I was let go before filming finished and replaced by an intern. It is the only job ever in my life that I was let go. I share the anecdote to show that it happens to everyone. Learn and grow.

Tyler Christopher
Sally Kirkland
Jack Conley
Dee Wallace
Sally Struthers
Michael J. Pollard
Jacqueline Pinol
and more…