Daniel Lee White

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The Miskatonic Acid Test

American Entropy Productions – Middleboro, MA

A low budget film directed by Rob Mackenzie that was never completed. I played a day player role of Raki Tani. It was a last-minute role as the actor that was supposed to play the role had not shown up. I was there and willing, so I got the role.

The Cast
Sam Cohan … Bill
Jonathan Randell Silver … Alex
Shawn French … Reid
Emily Griffin … Monica
Chris Lobdell … Frank
John Joyce … The Jesus Freak
Donald Foley … Dark Lord Rob / Pofessor Barnes
Rob Mackenzie … Professor Firth (as Dark Lord Rob)
Alicia Dupuis … Liz Theria
Erika Dyer … Nancy
David Ryan Kopcych … Steve Mallet
Jonathan Schaming … Bill
Daniel Lee White … Raki Tani