Daniel Lee White

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Zipcar Hero

May 2008
LTJFilms & ImprovBoston | Boston, MA

We shot two Zip Car spots for Improv Boston to enter into the Zip Car Commercial Contest. This is the first of two and is based on if a man’s basic to-do list became that of a hero and all with the help of his Zip Car!

Executive Producer: Will Luera
Produced by LTJFilms
Written & Directed by Daniel Lee White
Original Score by Spencer Emanuel

John Ring
Christopher L. Ferreira
Casey Williamson
Grace Rennick

Crew: Ryan Soper, Jessica L. Pollison, Brian Retchless, Steve Sweeney, Stephen Altieri, Jessica L. Therrien, Christopher L. Ferreira, Janet Tremblay & Jackie Arko.

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