A Midsummer Night’s Musical

A Midsummer Night’s Musical | An Original Musical Adaptation
April 2019 & April 2018
Trinity Academy for the  Performing Arts | South Side Cultural Center | Providence, RI

An Original Musical Adaptation of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Conceptualized and Directed By
Daniel Lee White

Music Composed & Arranged by
Sara Azriel
Avi David
Daniel Lee White

Music Produced by
Spike Katz
Mobile Mic Studios LLC

Hip Hop Specialist
Marlon Carey
Shakespeare to Hip-Hop

Choreography by
Matt Garza

Assistant Choreographers
TAPA Dance Majors
Daniel Lee White

Production & Technical Direction:
Rachel Nadeau

Technical Production Team
Mike McGuigan
Christopher Hoyt

Sound Team
Spike Katz
TAPA Students

Stage Managers & Crew
TAPA Students