Daniel Lee White

As an artist working in theatre, my primary focus is on building a pragmatic and accessible approach to comedy and farce. Since childhood, I have been passionate about comedy in all its forms. Professionally, I find it inspiring and powerful to conceive, write, and direct work that makes others laugh and allows the audience to temporarily escape from their everyday concerns. I greatly respect drama and can successfully direct it, but I find comedy and farce to be more personally challenging and rewarding. I have developed a strong understanding of comedic timing and build work that speaks to various senses of humor.

I believe that theatre should be accessible to all. Shakespeare wrote plays filled with lust, blood, comedy, and romance in a way that enraptured the entire audience–from royalty to the groundlings. At the time, his productions were competing with brothels and bear fights. Today we have different forms of entertainment competing with the experience of sitting in a theatre and being immersed in a story for an entire performance, but my goal remains the same–directing productions that are relatable and accessible to anyone and that does not exclude people from being entertained and inspired.


A Christmas for Carol
November 1st – December 31st, 2022
Newport Playhouse, Newport, RI

Scripts Available for Licensing

A Christmas for Carol

During the holiday season, Carol tends to take Christmas too far at work with decorations, presents, and overbearing traditions that not everyone celebrates in the office. Her co-workers love Carol, but this time of year she gets on everyone’s last nerve, so they formulate a plan for the company party that night. With wacky office hijinks, pranks, an office romance, and even people caught in their underwear, will they be able to help Carol remember the true meaning of Christmas?


Based on the play Antigone by Sophocleses, this one-act comedy/drama takes a look at what happens to the character of Ismene during and following the events of Antigone’s main action. Ismene’s five servants deal with life in Thebes and the turmoil of an incestuous family. Written with modern language but set in ancient times, this play is a great companion for teaching Antigone to students.