Daniel Lee White

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A Play’s The Thing

July 20th to 29th 2020
PVD Fringe Festival | Providence, RI

This play was written by The Blue Cow Group and produced for the 2020 Providence Fringe Festival. The entire festival was online because of the COVID pandemic.

I was the director of this show, but in this recording, one of the performer’s internet connection failed and I had to step in and play his role with only seconds to spare. It was the only time I have had to last-second perform in a show I was not in. It was exciting and successful. This really was a great show and an honor to direct.

Written by
Kay Bullard
Martha Douglas-Osmundson
Norma Jenckes
Monica Staaf
Elaine Brousseau
Susan Buttrick
Jayne Hannah

Directed by
Daniel Lee White

Jane Bird
Carol Collins
Becky Minard
Sarah Reed
Pamela Gill
Lee Rush
W. Richard Johnson
Kayla Ribeiro
Mike Daniels
Mary Paolino
Kate Fitzgerald
Amy Thompson
Paula Elser Clare
Chris Ferreira
Ava Xiao-Lin Rigelhaupt
Chantell Marie Arraial
Nova Drewes
Carol Drewes