Daniel Lee White

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Bitch Magazine

April 2009
LTJFilms | Providence, RI

Award Won
2009 – Motif Magazine
Winner for Best Entry, Bitch Magazine

This was a short comedic infomercial we shot for a bitch Magazine contest. ***And it Won!!!*** The cast and crew of BYOI helped produce and act in it.

Beth Czerny
Beth Hicks
Mary Ferrara
Valerie Fogg
Adam Kennedy
Jimmy Sorel
Henry Ben Clarendon
Laurelin Sitterly as Hand of God

Written by: Henry Ben Clarendon, Beth Czerny, Mel Dupont & Beth Hicks
Directed by: Daniel Lee White

Original Music by: Amber Guillet
Director of Photography: Ryan Soper
Crew: All plus; Thomas Barganski, Mel Dupont & Chris Magdalenski

For More Info Visit: www.lovethyjob.com