Daniel Lee White

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Reality Check

February 1997 to May 2011
Franklin Pierce College – Rindge, NH

Reality Check – 012
Reality Check – 018
Reality Check – 127
Reality Check – 108
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Reality Check Cast 1997
Reality Check Cast 1999
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Marabeth, Kerri and I
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Reality Check – 048
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Awards Won:

2009 – The Jenzabar Foundation
Leadership Award, Reality Check
2008 – Campus Compact of New Hampshire
Presidents Award, Reality Check

Reality Check was a college community service troupe performing social action performance pieces on current teen issues for high school and college students around New England.

I was the creator, writer and director of the troupe from 1997 to 2000. The project was produced by Marabeth Farmer as part of the Franklin Pierce Community Service Department.

I returned in 2005 as a consultant and workshop coordinator until the troupe was retired in 2011 when Marabeth retired from Franklin Pierce.

Marabeth passed away May of 2015. She was the heart and mother of Reality Check and will forever be missed.

Cast Members Included: (not all listed)

Christina Alteri
Stephen Alteri
Christine Ayala
Mark Berrian
Fred Bills
Sarah Blake
Peter Charron
Kim Cremens
Nicole Decker
Deanna Elliott
Charlotte Farber
Timothy Fischer
Kellie Fitzgerald
Tiffany Fitzpatrick
Meaghin Fournier
Ben Friedman
Kimberly Fuller
Ryan Greene
Mike Hayden
Melissa Heiser
Meredith Imbimbo
Linda Kimbrough
Katharine Lanz
Christopher J. LeMar
Mindy Lariviere
Matt Lodge
Danielle Maneri
Richard McClane
Jacqueline McDunnah
Heather Miller
Melissa Palino
Angela Polson
Roger Russell
Adam Saada
Ashley Saari
Nefret Salzberg
Amy Santana
John Santorella
Rebecca Scott
Jaclyn Smith
Janet Smith
Tim Smolen
Rachelle Surette
Kate Surgen
Vito Trigo
Jessica Viator
Brian Willard
Tina Weldon
William Wood
Tracie Young
Niki-Lynn Ziroli

If you know someone’s name who is missing from this list, please contact me.